Adam Puff for Commissioner.
Let’s Go Haddonfield!
Pride. Progress. Partnership.

I will be a problem solver and a resource for residents and business owners. I have deep roots in the community and long-standing hometown connections.

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    A Message from Adam Puff

    It’s time for forward-thinking action and real transparency on the issues that face our town and impact our lives here daily. For 39 years, I’ve benefited from many wonderful things this community has provided. Being an active member of a number of organizations in town is one way I’ve been able to give back. But now I’d like to put my interests and ideas to work at the municipal level. I’ve talked with many people about what’s been happening in our town—or more accurately, not happening here—and I became determined to make a difference and work to make Haddonfield even better than it already is. I want to fulfill the potential we all know it already holds. I know what is special about Haddonfield. I have lived here my entire life. This is where I will continue to live with my family and raise my three daughters. This is where my business will continue to be until I retire. In this special town, full of amazing people, I will work with you to strengthen all that is great about Haddonfield in the present, while preparing us for the challenges of the future. I’m committed to keeping our town on the right path moving forward.

    Endorsements from the Community

    Dr. Joe Serico – Citizen of the Year 2021
    Rosie Hymerling – Haddonfield Legend
    George Dieser – Carl’s Sunoco
    Stuart Harting – The Sculpture Trust
    Kathy Gold – In the Kitchen Cooking School
    Brad – Patricia of Mullica Hill
    Ralph Ciallella – Haddonfield Farmers Market and Shade Tree Commission
    Arnab Maitra – Pizza Crime
    Mikey DiBartolo – DiBartolo European Bakery
    Lainey Gallagher – Haddonfield Fitness and Ride Cycle Studio
    Michael Hicks – MCH for Hair
    Toni Moshen – Sweet T’s Bakeshop
    Dave Siedell – Board of Education
    Dave Stavetski – Haddonfield Plays & Players
    Daniella and Madison – Meraki Market
    John Caiola – Gelato Dolceria
    Mitch and Lou – End of the Earth Cigars
    Bob Hochgertel – Kings Road Brewing
    Chuck Smedley – Longtime Haddonfield Resident
    David Larkin – Former HET President
    Guy Elzey – Downtown Haddonfield Landlord
    Joe Murphy – Haddonfield Citizen of the Year 2010
    Joe McElroy – Haddonfield Citizen of the Year 2011
    Reece Wilke – Haduko
    Susan Maslowski – Jay West Bridal

    Personal Connection to Haddonfield

    This is the town I’ve known and loved my entire life. I’ve witnessed, and, like each of you, reaped the rewards of the tough decisions and great leadership that keep Haddonfield great. I want to serve and contribute to solving the challenges that face us right now so that Haddonfield will not steer off course, but instead, move steadily forward. For me, it’s a moment of challenge, but it’s also a moment of possibility. I can bridge the gap between the promise of Haddonfield and the reality of Haddonfield. I want to be the voice, the resource and the problem solver for every citizen and business owner who has asked, “Why isn’t it getting it done?”