About Adam Puff

Photo by Jamie Meile Photography

I am dedicated to this town. I love this town and so does my family. I am looking forward to the years ahead. There will be swim meets at Wedgewood, acting at Haddonfield Plays & Players, and sports galore (all of which I did growing up). Haddonfield is my past, present, and future. I will work hard for the community I so love and value.

When my family first moved to Haddonfield in 1982 our home was on North Drive. I can’t remember much from back then, but I remember we had the BEST neighbors. I know I was welcome in every backyard and in every house. My family moved to Washington Avenue when I was 6 years old and my parents still live in that house today. We may have moved, but the town was the same. I ran through and played in every backyard with my friends. There weren’t borders to properties, it was a community where kids could play and run everywhere with abandon. The awesome parents of this town kept an eye on all the children as they ran around playing kick the can or jailbreak.

I grew up through our amazing public school system. I attended Central Elementary and Middle School and finished up at HMHS, GO DAWGS! I am who I am today because of this education and upbringing. This town where incredible teachers, administrators and families raised me. These same people will help me raise my three girls now. That is one reason I am so passionate about making sure Haddonfield stays Haddonfield. I am bringing the next generation through town now. Because of that I have been consistently involved in town as long as I have been here.

I have been an active member of the Haddonfield Lions Club for years now. Pre-COVID I looked forward to our weekly meetings at Tavistock Country Club to help better our town. More recently, in 2018, I joined the Haddonfield Educational Trust (HET) where I could directly help our schools and educators. Two years later I rose to President of the HET and now I run a board of dedicated, talented, hardworking members of our community trying to do everything we can to support the Board of Education, our teachers, and students.

In 2020 I was appointed to the Partnership for Haddonfield Board to attempt to bring some new life and energy there. Haddonfield’s downtown is one of its most important assets and makes us who we are. I have been excited and encouraged to bring new ideas to support our businesses downtown, many of which are in need of some serious support.  As 2021 began I was also asked to serve on the board of the Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust (HOST). My time on HOST has been short but I have already made connections between them and the Partnership for future events in town where they will be working together. I am looking forward to the honor and challenge of taking care of our Borough and with your vote and support I will do just that.

A Lifetime in Haddonfield