Lifelong resident is first to file for Commission election

Lifelong resident is first to file for Commission election

A lifelong resident of Haddonfield is the first candidate to file petitions for this year’s Board of Commissioners election.

Adam Puff said he hopes to be the voice, resource, and problem solver for every resident and local business owner who has ever asked, ‘Why isn’t it getting done?”

In particular, he plans to focus on a prompt resolution to the future of the Bancroft property; addressing residents’ concerns about stormwater, streets, and trees; encouraging innovative approaches to supporting and promoting the business district; improving borough communications, and ensuring transparency in decision making.

Puff sums up his focus in three words: “Pride. Progress. Partnership.”

A 2000 graduate of Haddonfield Memorial High School, Puff and his wife Jessica are raising their three children just a few blocks from where he grew up, and where his parents still live. An accredited investment fiduciary, he is the founder and CEO of Haddonfield Financial Planning, located at 205 N. Haddon Avenue.

Puff is an active member of the Lions Club, serves as president of the Haddonfield Educational Trust (a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the excellence of Haddonfield’s public schools), and is a board member of both the Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust and the Partnership for Haddonfield (which manages the downtown business district).

“For 39 years, I’ve benefited from many wonderful things this community has provided,” Puff said. “Volunteering with these organizations is one way I’ve been able to give back. But now I’d like to put my interests and ideas to work at the municipal level.”

Haddonfield’s Board of Commissioners has three elected members who serve concurrent four-year terms. The next election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11. 2021. Traditionally, the candidate who receives the most votes becomes the mayor.

Puff said that his campaign slogan, “Let’s Go, Haddonfield!” is designed to reflect the energy and enthusiasm he will bring to the board of commissioners.

“Haddonfield needs those qualities right now,” Puff says, “to help develop innovative solutions for the new realities posed by the pandemic and the economy.”

“I’m ready, willing, and able to serve,” he said, “and I hope the voters of Haddonfield will give me the chance.”

The campaign’s web address is The Facebook page is @AdamPuff2021.

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